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Tax Preparation and Financial Planning

When you need dependable Tax Preparation, Accounting Service, and Personal Financial Planning, Beaches Tax Service is the choice for you.  With over 38 years of experience, Ron Strong will see to it that you are receiving knowledgeable advice from a trusted source.

Today's tax laws are complicated and ever changing.  Even if you use a tax program, chances are you will benefit from occasional help of a tax professional.  Deductions and credits to which you are entitled can easily be overlooked.

Navigating tax regulations has never been more complicated. 

You need tax advice from someone who is committed to helping you achieve your financial goals.



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My name is Jay Stone and I am the Owner of Jay Cat Trim Incorporated. I have known Ron Strong for many years on a personal level as well as professional. I consider Ron a part of my family. He is a man of integrity and high morals. Ron also is a man of Faith which I find very calming in todayís society. Ron has also been my Accountant for 10+ years and has helped me keep my business in order and running successfully.
Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions."

Jay Stone

Owner/Jay Cat Trim Inc.

Thank God for Ron Strong!

When I moved down to the Atlantic Beach area from New York, I was in deep trouble with the IRS.

I owed them nearly $30,000.00 in back taxes (and penalties and interest), and they were hounding me with certified letters and just basically coming after me, and hard.

It was my fault, I admit. Iíd not paid taxes for several years back then, and by the time penalties and interest were attached to my bill, I was in-deep, and way over my head.

Very disconcerting to live life looking over your shoulder. I needed help.

After my move to Florida, I somehow found Ron Strong in the area here, and Iím incredibly grateful I did.

Ron's calm and reassuring demeanor was exactly what I needed then, exactly. He basically approached my big box of unopened IRS letters piece-by-piece in his own thorough manner, and formulated a plan on what to do about working with the IRS head-on. He even made several phone calls to the IRS and dealt with them in a kind and personable manner. He got to the bottom of what they expected from me, both financially and with their specific paperwork (i.e., there were different forms and letters that had to go to the several different IRS offices that had been contacting me).

It took a little time to accomplish, but Ron was finally able to negotiate a deal between myself and the IRS that they could live with, and more importantly, it was a deal I could afford without making my life untenable.

Today, with Ronís help each tax season, Iím a prompt and happy taxpayer, as I no longer have the dark shadow of the IRS hanging over my head.

I thank God every day I was able to find such a kind, compassionate and completely professional person such as Ron Strong. Heís a great accountant to be sure, but Iím also proud to be able to call him a friend of mine as well."

--Larry L.
Atlantic Beach, Florida